[LISTEN] From White To Gray - Push and Pull (LPA Remix)

From White To Gray is the monikor of the solo project of Charlie Gray. He first emerged with the single and video for ‘When You Go’, a dreamy like video that deceives the viewer to be watching a stadium-like live performance with mimicking furniture lights. His debut EP ‘When You Go’ packs dance beats that centres on the use indie rock riddled guitar hooks in sophisticated and calm floor-fillers.

Growing up in Stroud, the musician now studies in Leeds and has emerged himself in a sea of creative musicians and knowledge. His music takes a look at his past relationships surrounded in free flowing sonic textures.

His second single 'Push and Pull' looks into the back and forth mentality of being in and out of relationships and what it means not to commit. Fragile soul bearing vocals open this story to great effect, riding the laid back head bopping foot tapping catchy Grooves of Shadows styled guitar lines with sparkling production qualities of synths.

Laminate Pet Animal have placed their apparitional house tint to the already laid back track with pulsating warm bass sounds and soft vocal chops. The remixing dup have been churning remixes for Leeds based artists for some time and are building a snowball like effect with their releases.

Listen to the Laminate Pet Animal remix of ‘Push and Pull’ here: