15 Feb 2017

[LISTEN] The Orders - Veronica's Venom

Isle of Wight trio The Orders’ 2 track single Veronica’s Venom and Comeback Comedown throws the gauntlet down to the music industry and gig/festival bookers to say ignore us at your peril. 2017 is a year when everything and anything is possible for this young band. They blagged a main stage slot at IOW Festival in 2016 and seeing them live and watching the crowd response…. well it’s something special.

High energy with an indie/punk/psychedelic vibe plus an uncanny visual resemblance to The Vryll Society both tracks (Veronica’s Venom and Comeback Countdown) combine lead singer Kyle Chapman’s powerful vocals (reminiscent of some early Liam Gallagher tones) with story-telling lyrics. But forget ballads, these songs are poetry set in a mosh pit environment!! Great tunes and bags of personality from Chapman and fellow band member Josh Edwards and Isaac Snow. The video combines footage from the band playing to a sold out crowd at London’s famous 100 Club with a memorable afternoon when Veronica went out with the band…