The Jackobins announce fresh tour dates.

The Jackobins are back on tour! Announcing the below list of dates will certainly be keeping the fresh line up busy! But we are excited to witness what the guys have been squirrelling away working on recently. 

We caught up with Veso, lead guitarist, to briefly discuss the new era of the band. 


Jase Hare: Veso! Thank you for taking the time to chat with IAI, appreciated as always.

Veso Mihaylov: Not a problem at all Boss.

JH: So how has the change in line-up affected the Jackobins sound?

It feels like we're much more liberated and we can allow ourselves to dip into a pool of ideas whilst keeping our identity. There's a lot more enjoyment and passion which can be felt within the songs that has been missing for a while.

JH: All sounds extremely positive! What can we expect to see down at one these gigs then?

Energy, mayhem, dirty riffs and more energy.

JH: I'll be down at one for sure! Do you have any special thanks for anyone who may have been instrumental in you guys getting back out there and carrying on as a band?

First of all we'd like to thank all of our lovely fans, everyone that's supported us so far and all of the great promoters who are putting us up on this tour and specifically This Feeling, Evol, Double Denim Live, SSD Concerts, Lucky man Records, Clockwork Group, AMP Live, Shakedown Presents and MFM Events.

JH: Spot on, Cheers for your time mate!

Get your face down to one of these gigs! The guys would love to see you that's for sure. 

See you there.