Joanna (Debrah Scarlett's real name) is one hell of a talent. She writes songs mainly on the Piano and is an outstanding talent. She does exactly know how to take feather and ink and writes the most melodic verses I've heard in the past few years when it comes to Swiss authentic composition. Very depressive, very judgemental. As a half Norwegian half Swiss woman she def has had some ears on the very northern pop scene. Scandinavian grooves and epic strings. It's hard to follow the quick handwriting she does on your very own heart when her new single "Cynical Youth" hits your ears.

You gotta listen to it several times to understand the complete song. It's very competitive within the international mainstream market. She's got the style, she's got the voice. She has got the slowly growing business plan you can def. see around her promotions.

Debrah Scarlett recently got announced for the biggest acoustic festival in Zermatt, Switzerland where she was used to promote it in the whole country. She was, is, everywhere. The big haired Ginger will be in everyoneS mouth very soon. English fans do not have to wait too: She is going to be part of the legendary The Great Escape Festival in Brighton this may. Don't miss her out as you def gonna cry, hold the girl next to you you were hoping to hug all day long, or simply going nuts experiencing a DS concert. I had several private ones and was melting. Anything bad about her? Not really. Huge future predicting for her? Pretty much.