[TRACK OF THE WEEK] Jake Houlsby - Howl

Just over a week since the 'Long-list' of Glastonbury's annual 'Emerging Talents Competition' was announced and a lot has happened to the bands and acts who have been picked. One we especially loved was Jake Houlsby and his rather astonishing track "Howl".

From the start of the track with the haunting humming and delicate guitar you are more than aware it's going to be a atmospheric track laden with smooth transitions between choruses and verses. Jake's commanding vocals captivate you from the moment they lay upon your ear drums, and if you can compare them to anyone it would be to Ben Howard at the very least.

However Jake has the extra ingredient compared to others, which is that he is one of the very few new artists that captures you from the very outset. Move over Ben Howard, there’s a new folk inspired singer-songwriter on the block. His track "Howl" is haunting, soulful and full of character.