VIDEO PREMIERE: Jake Thomas Turnbull - Fire

Originally from the North East, Jake Thomas Turnbull spent a year relentlessly playing shows after graduating from university. Now a resident in London, he decided to move here to break into the capital's scene. It was his tenacity that led Jake to spend months staying in hostels and crashing on friends sofas so he could balance work-life, whilst playing numerous gigs around the capital.

His latest single 'Fire' is a sentimental and an incredibly reflective track, that is only complimented by its fast-paced video. Intimate and up-close, the video peeks into the life of his, surrounding himself in London’s heart. Exploring busy underground stations, the video captures the thriving and constantly buzzing city yet the scenes evidently feel both personal and powerful.

Jake explains “Fire was written about burning bridges with people from the past, how sometimes you end up going back, or at least wanting to, and how you need to burn the bridge to make sure you can't go back there.

Watch the video for 'Fire' by Jake Thomas Turnbull below:


May 5th - Proud, Camden

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Words by Cole Samson