Avalanche Party share video for "I'm So Wet"

Hailing from the North Yorkshire Moors, five-piece Avalanche Party have revealed their new video for their latest single "I'm So Wet" - which is out now- and the track comes ahead of a full EP which is due for release later  on in the year.

Speaking about the single, frontman and guitarist Jordan Bell says: "Along with Leonard Cohen, Frank Sinatra & Etta James - we are highly decorated students of the University of Love, and so we bring to the world our ‘Suzanne’, our ‘Somethin’ Stupid’, our ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’. Forged from a desire for a hot opening statement – a throbbing, pulsating, slinking, rhythmic tour de force. This is a song born from staring at the Irish Sea, in all its frothing, rolling, flirtatious glory, battered and broken by the gale and rock to which it is eternally bound. A tempting, trembling, perilous vista which, direct to our brain, shouted ‘Yes! …I’m So Wet’. Add to that a few verses inspired by our tour manager’s Army background and we were ready to go. With water comes life - and we are alive indeed."