[LISTEN] Katie Mac - Into The Wild [IAI PREMIÈRE]

If you're looking for more people to add to your list of badass women, Katie Mac is your go to girl. Conveniently, she's already placed on Spotify's 'Badass Women' playlist and had her previous singles played on Radio 6.

Today, Mac reveals her brand new single, 'Into The Wild'. An intense journey beautifully telling a story with intricate tones similar to Kate Bush - the queen of story telling. Self-produced in her Mum and Dad's converted garage, the musician hones in on her extravagant vocals, powering over the subtle melody that lays as a silky backdrop to the main attraction; though it's easy to credit the piece of music as a spectacular display of elegant explosions of fierce passion.

Demonstrating her true talent throughout the whole four and a half minutes, it's a perfect time to realise that Katie Mac is an artist with the ability to create something so stunning out of the abstract. It's no wonder Nick Cave took time to personally pick her to support Shilpa Ray.

'Into The Wild' brings a whole new genre of music to It's All Indie, but it is with great honour that we premiere a single that demands your time and attention without aggressively grabbing you.