[LISTEN] Mint - Hypoallergenic

I love finding those tunes that allow me to sing along after only one listen but also don't talk down to me as a fan and assume the only musical vocabulary I have is "woooahhhh ohhhh ohhhh". The Mint lads have produced a blinding summer tune that will soundtrack many a teenage evening this summer when loose morals and flowing alcohol are involved.

I'm hoping the lyric, "My baby tastes like summer" is a nod to beautiful encounter they've had surrounding their youth and not one of crippling hayfever and rejections (this is not my therapy output honest), but their self-professed tagline, "Music to make you kiss strangers", kind of works for this new tune I reckon.

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Wistfully going about its business, 'Hypoallergenic' strikes me that it could probably be a fan's favourite at gigs. The girls down the front assuming every word is written about them because all their sweets have turned sour before. Either way, those sing-along moments throughout this tune will no doubt give the lads a great buzz to carry on what they're achieving recently.

'Hypoallergenic' sounds like the guy's most produced effort yet but I'm assuming that has come off the back of the success of the 'Happiness is Heroin' EP. Now established on the coveted 'This Feeling' new music scene and always being supported by BBC Introducing, the Mint lads are doing Grimsby proud. If you manage to catch them live this summer then their effort on stage alone will probably justify your ticket price.

Go to their Facebook page which I've made easy for you look... www.facebook.com/WeAreJustMint in order to see upcoming festival/tour dates and also antics of theirs whilst out n about!

Cheers for reading, share it about a bit if you like it, the lads would love you forever for that!