OUTLYA are rising, and rising fast! Their latest track, "Howl", is yet another brilliant indie-pop anthem laden with uplifing melodies, brilliantly used instrumentation. The track - which is out now - shows the ambition that they posses, with every song catchy as the last I am sure that they'll be on everyone's lips within no-time!

Speaking about the new single, the band explain that " ... "Howl" is a song about communication in the modern age. The feeling of euphoria when you hear a loved one's voice down a distorted phone line and the transportive effect it can have on you from miles away. We ended up demoing the song 4 or 5 times, and the final version is an amalgamation of all of them. In tandem with our wonderful producer Dan, we took what we thought were the best bits from each demo and pieced the song together, based around the 4/4 dance beat and a classic sounding upright piano. As a band we always try and combine the natural sounds of live instruments, like piano, guitar, bass and drums, with synthetic sounds seeping in, which in this song works especially well as a metaphor for human interaction through technology.”"