[LISTEN] Land Before Bedtime feat. MDotR - Flex [IAI PREMIERE]

‘Flex’ is the bold new single by Harley Light – the man behind musical project Land Before Bedtime. The Kent-based singer and producer is back, after the brilliant ‘Broadway’ single earlier in the year, with an exotic and erotic follow-up that perfectly captures the moment when physical attraction on the dancefloor intensifies and primal instincts take control.

Featuring dancehall artist MdotR, who has gained a mass amount of followers since appearing on youth inspired entertainment channels LinkUp TV and Bl@ckbox, the track contains an explosive chorus, which fuses Caribbean flavour with Middle Eastern spice to create a striking blend of instrumentation and sound.

On the intriguing collaboration Light states “I did some research on the collab and got in contact explained what I was doing in music and showed him the tune and he loved it and agreed pretty much immediately so it was really fortunate and organic”.

‘Flex’, the new single by Land Before Bedtime featuring MdotR is out now.

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Words By Cole Samson