[LISTEN] Bad Family - On Your Wall

Brigton's Bad Family have revealed another stunning track, "On Your Wall", they've got elements of Americana, Noir and even a dash of Brit-Pop in there. Their attitude to writing songs seem to be go big or go home as this is the latest in a line of guitar anthems. "On Your Wall" is taken from the band’s brand new EP - named EP2 it is out 17th of November.

Speaking about the track frontman Dane Etteridge says - "Have you ever been with someone, it doesn’t work out and they start sleeping with someone new way too soon after the breakup? Well, thats what ‘On your Wall’ is about, the horrible anxiety and hatred it causes towards the person that you once cared so deeply about, The idea that you shadow is the last thing to leave a room, and your former lover is with their next one before your shadow has had the chance to get out."