[LISTEN] Cameron Bloomfield - Change

Cameron Bloomfield styles a certain cool with his jazz, funk, indie and soul approach, with his slick musicality and vocal personality painting a scene in each song. Emerging star, Cameron Bloomfield gives us his mesmerising, slick debut EP ‘The Night Before’ - which is available now to stream and buy via Insanity Records.

‘The Night Before’ EP is a collection of songs that tells a story of a big night out unfolding into the day after. The EP brings to light the ways people use a ‘night out’ to escape from themselves and how we deal with external and internal pressures that can affect us negatively. Taking inspiration not only from his influences but also from his own experiences, Cameron chooses to add stories from growing up around house parties and his travels in his infectious songwriting.

Cameron tells us more on the song “’Change’ talks about how the past, or more specifically, how lingering relationships can affect your state of mind. How caring for someone can leave you open to hurt but inevitably you have to return to that place of vulnerability to grow.”

Now with the release of his debut EP, Cameron is well on his way to affirming a place as one of the most exciting new artists to watch leading into 2018.


The Waiting Room, London - 11th December
Tickets: https://www.livenation.co.uk/artist/cameron-bloomfield-tickets

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