[LISTEN] Kaerhart - Drain My Love

Kaerhart's entrance to music was not quite the repeated story, than to most artists.. The LA-based singer/songwriter and electro-pop indie music artist failed two deals as the “guitar player with mystique,” - Kaerhart was left with two choices; reinvent herself completely or quit music. After visiting a prolific Shaman who told her it was her divine purpose to become an artist and sing her own songs, Kaerhart started working on her solo project.

Kaehart is an artist with extraordinary presence and dark, velvety tones to her rich electro-pop. 'Drain My Love' is a playful number embracing both glossy and darker sounds to romance songs.

Kaerhart is tackling the worlds of activism and music with poise and dedication, as she continues to push for a safe space where women in the creative community can have a voice and feel empowered. Her debut single “Drain My Love” builds upon this ethos, allowing herself to open up about the internal issues she’s faced as a healing process. “My hope is that the song provokes others to do the same,” notes Kaerhart.

Led by her intuition, Kaerhart has overcome the odds to merge her passions of energetic and spiritual healing with music. She hopes to help influence the industry to make it a safer space for women, constantly working with other artists in any way she can to raise them up. Not only is she a musician with an ethereal and bright pop sound, she is also an intuitive numerologist and co-founder of the apparel brand Mystic Tribe where she continues to spread her message.

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Words by Cole Samson