[LISTEN] Emmecosta - Angry Eyes

Emmecosta released their nocturnal Velour EP over the summer, gaining praise from Stereogum, Clash Magazine and other tastemaker blogs. Their new single, “Angry Eyes” serves as a prequel to the EP. "‘Angry Eyes’ is where everything started, where time went slow. This is a digital ethnographic vision of uncertainty. Here, we started this journey of imagining distant places through small fragments.” They band put..

The track settles into a powerful display of lush electronics and dream-like progressions, Emmecosta have captured a wonderful scene.

Th song is a pensive and haunting reflection of seeing a woman’s angry eyes through a crowd of people. Gentle vocals lead the way through the song’s pulsing synths and piercing guitar solo. “The video shows an agnostic mood from an off-screen driver. We consider this vision as a fairytale. The whole film (from the driver’s dashboard) was made in an unknown town during a stormy night." Rain and wind batter the car as lightning flashes in the distance echo sharp pangs of guilt.