Demons Of Ruby Mae share new single 'To Be Adored'

Jonny Gavin and Adam Rowley, professionally known as Demons of Ruby Mae have made an thrilling impact with their new single ‘To Be Adored’. The Leicester-born, Manchester-raised duo finds building on the sonic spaciousness of their previous single - 'Someday', before punctuating those spaces with a more electronic aesthetic, something that allows the band’s obvious talent to blossom.

Recorded over Summer 2017 in France’s Barneville Carteret commune, little to no distractions meant the duo were able to focus their full attention on the task at hand; resulting in a track that harbours a feel-good freneticism which, in turn, offsets ‘To Be Adored’’s ideas of selfishness, and not caring about anybody apart from yourself.

Bursting with character with rhythmic guitar hooks and engaging lyricism, it's a thrilling partnership of musical talents. Tune in below.

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