[PREVIEW] False Heads Retina Tour 2018 (UK and Europe)

False Heads play a part in transforming the live experience for alternative guitar music  © Luke Nugent 
East London band False Heads continue to strengthen their position as a talented young guitar band who are giving audiences a completely new and different live music experience combining killer guitar riffs, a tight and throbbing, Zeppelin-like rhythm section and a charismatic stage presence.

While Iggy Pop chose to describe False Heads along the following lines "They are young and talented and going places.. if they came to my town I'd show up for that, if they come to your town, you might wanna show up."

Danny Fields, the former manager of The Ramones, made the following declaration "They are one of the best live bands in the world."

Iggy Pop is absolutely right, only you want to ignore the 'might' and definitely go. False Heads are a top emerging guitar band on the scene, they are about to hit the road on what looks set to be absolute topform.

The 3-piece continues to wow and excite audiences across the UK. For this tour they will support Strange Bones for the first chunk of dates, subsequently headline the remaining ones and then play a couple of dates in Europe in Belgium and France. The up and coming tour dates are going to be something else.

Guitarist and vocalist Luke Griffiths spoke to It's All Indie just before the big rock'n'roll tour bang.

Luke: we put every last thing we have into our music, and hopefully people will respond to that. There is a real need for it, especially in alternative music. We channel everything into our music and our live performances. I like to think we are something you can immerse yourself in fully.

Preparation for the tour has consisted of a lot of rehearsing, trying out different sets and new songs, removing some and reintroducing others to the set. Having a few options to go with is important to maintain a high standard of creativity, quality and an element of surprise.

Luke: for this tour, the set is going to be full throttle. The songs with the most energy but we are putting some new stuff in there as well. We will keep the energy and intensity up the whole way.

L-R - Luke Griffiths, Barney Nash and Jake Elliott     Photo: Fazakas Music 
False Heads and Strange Bones have a lot in common musically and there is also a strong connection based on mutual understanding and recognition.

Luke: we are two bands that completely respect each other's music and live presence. We both met when we played at Isle of Wight Festival and I remember thinking 'ah let's do a tour with those' and our managers actually made it happen.

All the tour dates are special but London Dingwalls stands out as it also marks the launch of Retina, the band's soon to be released (23/02/18) brand new track. It has already received prestigious radio airplay on a number of stations and has one of the catchiest bass lines you are likely to hear this spring.

Luke: it feels like we are both bands on the brink of something bigger. We get on really well and that definitely helps.

Make sure you are part of False Heads' immersive live music experience, the excitement begins tomorrow. 

False Heads Retina Tour 2018 (UK and Europe)

Feb 01 // Glasgow // The Garage - with Strange Bones
Feb 02 // M'Borough // Westgarth Social Club - with Strange Bones 
Feb 03 // Blackpool // Bootleg 
Feb 04 // Cardiff // GWIDWH Cafe Bar - with Strange Bones
Feb 06 // Bishops Stortford // The Moon - with Strange Bones
Feb 07 // Luton // Edge - with Strange Bones
Feb 08 // Cambridge // The Portland Arms - with Strange Bones
Feb 09 // Bury St Edmunds // The Hunter Club - with Strange Bones

Feb 14 // Nottingham // Cameleon Arts 
Feb 23 // London // Dingwalls - ***Retina Launch***
Feb 25 // Manchester // Jimmy's 

March 01 // Hasselt // Cafe Cafe 
March 03 // Paris // Le Truskel 
March 04 // Paris // ***Secret Show*** 

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