The Neighbourhood announce self-titled third album + stream new track "Void"

Ever since "Sweater Weather" was on early rotation I've been a huge fan of theirs, and the quintet have now announced that they'll be releasing their third LP (or fourth if you include the 'Mixtape' they released back in 2014). This comes after the band have released two EP's over the last few months too, which is great news if you're a mega fan of theirs!

You can check out their new cut, "Void", below.

The Neighbourhood - The Neighbourhood (out March 9th 2018)

  1. "Flowers"
  2. "Scary Love"
  3. "Nervous"
  4. "Void"
  5. "Softcore"
  6. "Blue"
  7. "Sadderdaze"
  8. "Revenge"
  9. "You Get Me So High"
  10. "Reflections"
  11. "Too Serious"
  12. "Stuck with Me"