[ALBUM REVIEW] Editors - Violence

Editors are by far one of the most influential bands for me, having bought their debut album in HMV with my paper-round money back in 2006 I would certainly say I invested my time with their work, and every album since then. "Violence" is their SIXTH album to date and once it was announced I knew I'd be excited for it.

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The LP kicks off with two very strong songs, "Cold" and "Hallelujah (So Low)" which both take elements from their previous albums, the latter has thick synths, commanding vocals with the former having soaring guitars that you can find in their first two albums, which means that these two songs are right up there with the best pieces of work they've done.

The title track is a six minute long epic laden with hooks left right and centre, more electronic than the previous two songs on the record but gives a perfect change of pace with a slower approach before the chorus takes over and steps it up a gear, it really reminds me a bit of New Order how the song develops with more layers as the track goes on.

There is also a lot of drive in the collection of songs on the album, "Nothingness" really does command the middle segment of the LP, with the centrepiece being "Magazine" with it's huge guitars and Tom's vocals being as captivating as ever.

Now when I saw "No Sound But The Wind" on the track-list I couldn't help but be pleased, as a fan of theirs back in 2009 I was well aware that this song existed in their sets. Having seen them perform it a couple of times back then I was expecting a heartfelt ballad, and how I was so right. It is by far one of the most beautiful songs the band has ever made, even if it took 9 years to finally be released it still feels as fresh now as it did back in 2009. The track is very stripped back to the 'full band version' that you can find on their "Unedited" boxset but does not lose any sense of theatre.

The remaining two songs on the album are dark ones with , taking a turn for the strings and big and brash guitar tones. "Counting Spooks" starts off with some 80's style synths with the album ending on "Belong" which finsihes off the LP with screeching guitars and twitchy synths. Ever since Editors grew into a quintet I feel like they've had a new lease of life, the backing vocals, more layers and bigger songs means that Editors are as relevant now as when they first came onto the scene, and with that "Violence" is definitely up there as one of the best records the band have made!

Editors - Violence
Out of 10: 9.5/10