ENNOR unveil video for new track "Farewell To Atlantis" [IAI PREMIERE]

ENNOR are the latest offering coming from West Cornwall and it seems like they're here to stay, with an upbeat take on folk the band are certainly sticking to their roots with this latest number. Having a wide and wild county to call home it really reflects in their music as it sounds pure, raw and full of energy, much like the crashing waves on the beach.

The band went to Penzance to shoot the video for the track with director John Freddy Jones, it's set in an old outhouse overlooking the Atlantic which the singer (Tom Elliot) spent much of his youth writing in.

The band say - "It's a road song about travelling home after a long time away and the emotional experiences that come with that journey. You're happy to be home, but also find yourself having to face up to the fact that people and places shift in the wind. The glory days of growing up fade into the past. It’s a humbling reality - one we need to accept in order to move onto the future."

ENNOR are just starting out but if they continue to make tracks as catchy and as beautiful as this then I'm sure this isn't the last that we will be hearing from them! So head on down below and check out the video.

You can even see Ennor live on the 25th of April at Thamesis Dock, London