Emma McGrath unveils wondrous EP, 'Silent Minds'

A name we have already championed in the past for her wicked songwriting, Emma McGrath releases her highly anticipated sophomore six-track EP ‘Silent Minds’.

An EP perfected with immaculate songwriting. Tentative and surprising, there's a never a dull moment in Emma's musical delivery.

Whether it be a rollercoaster ride full of relationship conflict in ‘Off The Wall’, the moral high ground in ‘Butterfly’, getting lost in the quirky structure of ‘Silent Minds’, or becoming enveloped in nostalgia about a carefree childhood in ‘White Lines’, Emma always manages to present both sides of the story, and as a result, the ‘Silent Minds’ EP is full of thought-provoking lyrics and seriously well put together catchy pop gems for her constantly growing and passionate fan-base.

Check out the full EP below.

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