Izaak Opatz unveils "Got To Me Since" video

Izaak Opatz is a mountain man (from Montana), and a little backstory about him reveals that he works in National Parks, cutting trails through the woods, probably wearing a vest or a funny hat and crapping in holes in the ground that he digs with an antique little folding shovel (maybe).

He’ll go weeks on end without seeing another single person. When he does finally wander into town, he usually brings with him a pack-mule-donkey-satchel-thing, chock full of songs about women that he’s been dreaming of, places where he used to be happy, situations he screwed up. Now with all that time with himself he really does have time to craft his talent and write some catchy tunes.

His latest video is for his track "Got To Me Since", which you can check out below.