Left Boy releases heartfelt single 'Kid' from second album, 'Ferdinand'

Singer, rapper and producer, Left Boy has forged a wicked and vibrant new sound in his second album, that fans may be made surprised with but yet made to feel at home.

A DJ, a creator, rapper and an artist, new track ‘Kid’ is the third release taken from Left Boy’s second LP ‘Ferdinand’, unlike upbeat singles ‘Sweet Goodbye’ and ‘Father Of God’, ‘Kid’ is a poignant song that was written and recorded at a time when a friend of Left Boy sadly passed away.

Speaking on the album, Left Boy comments: “'Ferdinand' is the album I’ve been working on for the past four years. The album includes 16 alternate versions and demos, if you have time I really recommend listening to the bonus tracks. It helps illustrate the amount of work that went into this project, I appreciate you taking the time to check this project out. For all the trouble it went into making the album, I hope it brings people some joy!”

Hailing from Austria, Left Boy aka Ferdinand Sarnitz moved to New York City aged 18-years-old to study audio engineering at the Institute of Audio Research, whilst there he worked hard teaching himself how to create beats, lyrics and videos. Now based back in Vienna, Left Boy has built his reputation online, accumulating millions of plays on Soundcloud, Spotify and views on YouTube.

Stream the poignant video for 'Kid' below

See the full tracklisting of 'Ferdinand' below:

1. Father Of God
2. Sweet Goodbye
3. Got Damn
4. Rose Garden
5. Kid
6. Gold Chain
7. 17
8 .Dance With The Devil
9. Book Club
10. Chemistry
11. Superstar