Marlon Chaplin shares anthemic new song "Elevation"

Marlon Chaplin has recently released his anthemic new single "Elevation" with proceeds to be donated to MusiCounts. MusiCounts supports music education programs in schools and communities across Canada, putting instruments in the hands of kids that need them the most.

The Toronto based singer-songwriter's new track is very ulifting and sounds like it has a blend of Indie bands from The Strokes down to Muse. It's a powerful track that you'll find yourself playing over and over again.

Marlon Chaplin says - "I can't tell you enough how much having access to instruments as a child changed my life. I was lucky that way, but of course not everyone is. Providing children a creative outlet is a very, very powerful gift and one that really can keep on giving. Music is the universal language and the more we know, the better we can communicate."