Sigur Rós share brand new track "65º38’27.9”N / 20º16’56.9”W"

Sigur Rós are back with a brand new album for 2018, today however the band share the equally brand new track "65º38’27.9”N / 20º16’56.9”W" - a bit of a mouthful if you ask me but if you put the coordinates into a GPS it throws up Blönduós in Iceland (where-else). The new album "Route One" is out today!

Speaking about the new track the band said - "on the longest day of summer 2016 sigur rós drove the whole way round iceland’s ring road, broadcasting the entire 1332km journey live on youtube. the soundtrack to this “slow tv” adventure was created using generative music software taking the multi-track stems of the sigur rós song ‘óveður’ and endlessly reinventing them to create new and unpredictable musical directions in real time. the very best moments from the 24 hour journey have now been pared down to a single album of great and reflective beauty. 8 tracks."