The Scruff return with "White Flag" [IAI PREMIERE]

The Scruff head into 2018 as ones of the bands to watch, following on from a break out from their own scene in Bedford towards the end of 2017 the band are now with the addition of new guitarist Jack, and since then they've released the beautiful track "Her". However, the quartet are back with a new cut in the shape of "White Flag".

"White Flag" is another testament to the strong songwriting that the band are becoming synonymous with. The single reflects the day to day struggles of life in a relationship, and the time out needed from your loved ones. The ongoing issues, the little fights and the need to sometimes press the reset button. It's a real showing for the band, giving their post-punk side a showing here with some edgy guitar tones, distinctive vocals and infectious lyrics.

With the backing of their local BBC Radio Station, Radio X, This Feeling and BBC Radio , the guys are just getting started - so listen to "White Flag" below and get involved. If you like them be sure to check them out live too!