What to expect at Friendly Fires' huge comeback show at Brixton Academy

Friendly Fires.

After a long-awaited return, Friendly Fires finally ended their lengthy hiatus when they announced their huge comeback show at London's renowned O2 Academy Brixton. The announcement which came last September, has reignited the Friendly Fires hype train once again, as we wait for their third studio album to drop some-point this year.

It's All Indie attended their Norwich warm up gig last Friday, So, here's what you can expect to see if you're going to Friendly Fires' huge comeback show at the Brixton Academy.

The new songs sound massive

Friendly Fires frontman, Ed Macfarlane, previously stated in an interview with Clash Magazine back in 2016 that he'd "rather wait until it feels like the right time for us to come back." Evidently, now is the time and the three new tracks which were debuted live at the Leeds and Norwich shows all sound stunning.

'Can't Wait Forever', 'Tijuana', and 'Love Like Waves' all permeate the certain characteristics of a classic Friendly Fires song - an infectiously good beat, alluring vocals and trademark Friendly Fires synth-pop during tropical guitar hooks. Yet, these songs boast something else, rather than just being a rehash of the previous two albums, there is a certain maturity with the new tracks which make use of the familiar Friendly Fires' sounds we all know and love, whilst exploring a new bolder soundscape.

Photography by Cameron Poole.

They'll play the classics

If you were slightly worried they were going to miss out one of your favourite tracks, never fear, like the Leeds gig, Friendly Fires performed various hits from both albums. The eponymous debut album which released all the way back in 2008 included hits like 'Jump In The Pool', 'Skeleton Boy', and 'Lovesick'; and they were all performed!

The follow up to Friendly Fire's self-titled debut album was 'Pala'. An ambitious second studio album that built upon the first album's forward thinking sounds. Releasing in 2011, the album boasted popular tracks like 'Live Those Days Tonight', 'Hurting', and 'Hawaiian Air'.

Photography by Cameron Poole.

Ed still has the moves and you'll be dancing with the band

Although the band achieved popularity due to their unique sound which incorporates dance and indie-rock elements, there are arguably other reasons which have contributed to their on-going success. One of those reasons is notably Ed's brilliant dance moves. These quirky and passionate dance moves have garnered a lot of attention over the years, especially during live performances.

Friendly Fires have always been an extremely energetic band and seeing Ed strut his stuff on stage will make you dance along, even if you can't dance. Resistance is futile.

Photography by Cameron Poole.

Expect a power performance during the show and album news or a single drop on the day of the gig

We've been waiting for Friendly Fires to return for quite some time now, Ed, Edd, and Jack are all very aware of this and have been working hard on making each Friendly Fires live show unforgettable. To enhance the show, like on previous tours, the boys from ST Albans will be joined on stage by a percussion and brass ensemble.

After releasing a snippet of a new track 6 months ago when they announced their comeback headline show at Brixton Academy, Friendly Fires have been cryptically teasing us about new music ever since. Toying with fans on social media, the band has released various videos and audio clips that point towards an official album or at least a new single announcement to be on the day of the comeback gig.

Either way, you can expect Thursday's gig to be a welcomed return for Friendly Fires.

Friendly Fires will headline the O2 Brixton Academy this Thursday.

Friendly Fires performed:

Jump In The Pool
Running Away
Can't Wait Forever
White Diamonds
Skeleton Boy
In The Hospital
Live Those Days Tonight
Blue Cassette
True Love
Love Like Waves

Hawaiian Air
Kiss Of Life