Biffy Clyro reveal new album "Balance, Not Symmetry" will be out in 2018 and another out in 2019!

Biffy Clyro have announced that they have written and recorded a 12-track album of original material, called "Balance, Not Symmetry", which will be released towards the end of 2018, and it'll be the original soundtrack for the movie of the same name. The band will also tour the album at the same time of the release of the film, which is set for early 2019 - so there is another exciting tour announcement from the band by the end of the year! - Skip to 9mintes 20seconds in the video for the start of the bit about the new album in Radio X's interview with the band.

The Biffy Clyro lead singer Simon Neil, who wrote the new songs at the same time and every song will be featured in the film. Ahead of the film's shoot, the first song from the new album will be broadcast on an episode of MTV Unplugged with Biffy Clyro 25th May - NOT LONG PEOPLE!

The full studio follow-up album to "Ellipsis" will be out early 2019, which means in the space of the next 10 months we could have THREE albums from the trio, "MTV Unplugged Live At Roundhouse London" acoustic album, "Balance, Not Symmetry" the film OST and finally the full blown Biffy Clyro LP "LP8" out this time next year!