BLOW share new track "Power" [IAI PREMIERE]

BLOW - photography by Adrien Combes.
It's All Indie is pleased to premiere BLOW's new track, 'Power'. Taken from the French indie-pop band's forthcoming debut album, 'Vertigo', which releases on the 8th June.

Fluttering vocals, heavy drums, dreamlike guitar arrangements fuel BLOW's distinctive sound. Their music is laced with lyrics inspired by movies, road-trips, sex or hope for change. And 'Power' follows this formula.

BLOW said this about 'Power'...

"Just let go, our time has come. We're ready to face what's coming. We are ready to take power. This song is a cry of hope, in the name of our generation. Facing an uncertain future.”

You can watch BLOW perform 'Power' below.