If you’re looking for a polished trio able to write hit after hit, Tors might just be the boys for you. Based in “London via Devon”, this group have mastered the art of the combination of outstanding acapella moments and subtle melodies to sew even more texture in to their music. 

With just a few songs out in the open, each cut provides a significant emotion and feeling within you. Take ‘Seventeen’ as an example. An overcharged, yet held back, single that leaves you with nothing but your own thoughts and harmonies that  lead you down the path of reminiscent memories. What takes the form of a restful piece, ‘Seventeen’ delivers loud statements and brash moments produced by honest songwriters. Latest single ‘We Say No’ offers a flourishing version of what appears in previous releases, leaving no stone unturned and not a single second for you to believe that Tors are going anywhere except the top. 

Singers and songwriters may not be a new genre to any of us, but Tors’ unrepeatable style and effortless vocals takes no time in helping us to fall in love with them. A hit factory? Possibly. They seem to be churning out nothing but soft toned songs infused with roaring passion and fearless emotion - it’s refreshing and slightly weird to hear. Stripped back, laying it all on the line and showing every part of them, Tors are quickly becoming our favourites and we know they’re about to be yours too. 

Check out their latest single below and look out for them at festivals across the UK.