Laarsen releases progressive electro-number 'Peace Of Mind'

Progressive, forward-thinking and fierce, Laarsen returns with a rushing electro pounding smash.

Laarsen is an electronic music project that is working through sonic productions to develop a style that connects and creates harmony between humans and nature. The Laarsen project fuses natural elements such as vocal recordings, vinyl samples, and real instrumentation, with modern synthesizers, beats and production techniques to marry these different worlds.

Choosing to remain enigmatic, Laarsen wants listeners to focus on what’s important, the music. “Would U” is a creative electronic production inspired by the past, the present, and the future, Mixing together classic elements of UK garage, Burial-esque vocal chopping blended with a more modern production, there is something exciting and new about his style.

While Laarsen remains an enigmatic project, the producer has a profound background in drum production and an advanced degree in professional musicianship and a Masters in music and sonic media.

Stay tuned for a debut EP due out later this Spring.

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