OUTLYA release video for indie-pop anthem "White Light"

If you don't know it already, we're huge fans of this trio - and today OUTLYA have revealed the video for their latest pop anthem, "White Light".

Talking about the video Will (Vocals) says - "The video is showing how easy it is to feel transported to another place by technology. White Light is a song about pushing through the darker days that we all find ourselves in some times. Whether it's faith, love, determination, everyone has a 'white light' that offers up some illumination or hope in times of trouble."

He goes on to say -  "We wanted to take that sentiment and make a physical version of that would make you want to dance. Dancing is this really instinctive raw human expression of emotion and we tried to encapsulate that. We took the song to the studio and Dan helped us chisel our initial demos into something altogether more energetic and poppier. We had a load of ideas from these initial recordings - this house piano, group gospel vocals, distorted guitars and weird samples and we mixed them altogether into the final song."