Phil Simmonds releases soul-bearing single 'Drive'

29-year-old, British bred, LA based musician and producer, Phil Simmonds has had an impressive career to date, having toured with Jessie J, played with Rae Morris and Leona Lewis. Not only this but Phil has also worked with notable artists including Willow Smith, Madilyn Bailey, Sesi Valentine and is currently producing Eryn Allen Kane’s new record.

His talent and calibre as an artist is highly impressive, he's now ready to debut his own solo project under his own name. The first single "Drive" will be out on May 25th and is part of a larger three-part concept record, collectively called “The Chronicles of Saint Arc”.

Slow burning, honest and filled with vitality, 'Drive' is the perfect single to fill empty hearts again from heartbreak..

On "Drive”, Simmonds takes you on a journey, sonically and lyrically, addressing the choice of moving on from “addiction and heartbreak” in this cinematic piece of work.

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