Tom Bright & The Dynamite unveil new track "Tsunami of Suits" [IAI PREMIRE]

Today we've got Tom Bright & The Dynamite's brand new track, "Tsunami of Suits" premiering on the website. Tom & Co's brand new cut strips the music back to the bare bones, which easily showcases Tom’s husky vocal tones and lyrics, mix in the warm acoustic chords and mellow piano hooks make "Tsunami of Suits" a great track unwind to.

If you're new to Tom Bright's work then he is a younger version of Ben Howard crossed with Of Monsters and Men, and everyone loves those two, so you're going to love what Tom is getting up to. So be sure to give him and like and a follow and be sure to check him out live if you can, he's going places!

You can listen to the track below, and/or buy the single on iTunes here.