Tors put out surprise single 'Might Never Happen' to complete 'Wilder Days' EP

Surprise! It was all pretty unexpected but it seems Tors have put out another single named 'Might Never Happen' to complete a four track EP, out today.

Whilst we expected the sensational 'Won't Remember' to be available on all major platforms today, the extra song has appeared and goes hand in hand with their three previous releases, all part of the 'Wilder Days' EP. Honestly, we're completely here for every second of it.  'Might Never Happen' introduces huge choruses, a more indie-rock vibe and just a whole load of glorious moments. Best boy band ever?

The vocal transitions, the harmonies, the build up - where do we begin?! It's all just one big surprise that we weren't ready for and are still trying to get our heads round. Just know this is beautiful, it's the perfect ending to an EP that takes you on an enormous journey of emotional, conflicting thoughts through silky, multi-genre melodies. But this is all about the three voices that control every second of this song, this EP, everything. Nothing should sound this good.

Tors may have taken us surprise but this is our warning to you. Strap yourselves in and prepare for, probably, the most stunning release of the year.