[GIG REVIEW] Miles Kane @ Junction, Cambridge, 22nd June 2018

 Miles Kane is the co-frontman of the Last Shadow Puppets and is predominantly known for being friends with that guy from Sheffield who owns a hotel and casino on the moon. More to the point, Miles has a solo career that hasn’t come to fruition as much as his other collaborative projects have. But thankfully, Miles is back to being the main centre of attention as he promotes his forthcoming third studio album Coup De Grace. It’s All Indie saw the ‘Come Closer’ singer on the Cambridge date of his in-demand UK tour.

Miles swaggers onto the stage and opens with  ‘Counting Down The Days’, before causing a frenzy in the crowd as he blitzes into fan favourite ‘Inhaler’. Energetic, confident, stylish, Miles is known for putting on a good show and nothing has changed in that department, even if he has been on a five-year solo career hiatus. Next up are two tracks from his second album Don’t Forget Who You Are - ‘Taking Over’ and ‘Better Than That’.

“How are you feeling Cambridge? This next song is called Loaded” announces Kane before showing off the first single from Coupe De Grace. The mid-tempo track went down well but you can imagine its reception will be even stronger post-album launch. Following onwards was a varied set of tracks from the first two albums and a surprising amount of songs from the upcoming third LP.

New songs such as ‘Too Little Too Late’, the T. Rex-esque ‘Cry On My Guitar’, and the fast and furious ‘Silverscreen’; a new track that debuted live at the Cambridge Junction. By this point, the crowd had burst into the three lions football chant. “It’s coming home, It’s coming home, It's coming, footballs coming home!” the crowd passionately sung before Kane kicked in a revamped version of ‘Rearrange’. (with the added lyrics of ‘It’s coming home’) A second mass sing-along occurred during a performance of ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’.

Highlights of the set included the infectious and hypnotizing ‘Coupe De Grace’ before ending the night with encore finisher ‘Come Closer’. Miles Kane is back with new material and a new backing band; guitarist Dom John, bassist Nathan Sudders, and drummer Victoria Smith were all impeccably tight throughout the set. Miles Kane is a talent that deserves recognition for his solo efforts but if you didn’t think much of him before; you’ll soon be changing your mind as he delivers the final blow with his new expertly crafted live show.

Miles Kane performed:

Counting Down The Days
Better Than That
Give Up
Too Little Too Late
My Fantasy
Cry On My Guitar
Colour Of The Trap
Don’t Forget Who You Are
Coupe De Grace
Come Closer

Review and Photography by Cameron Poole.