Idle Frets reveal video for 'I Don't Mind'

After returning with the huge single just a matter of weeks ago, Idle Frets have now released a video to go alongside 'I Don't Mind'.

If you ever thought there are no divas in this world, it seems we may have found one for you. Filmed as a one take, this is, quite frankly, a video we're still trying to get our heads around. Directed, and filmed, by Adam Wood, we're taken through various scenes and scenarios that involve anything from Badminton to dogs - yes, you read that right. 

Maybe watch the video for yourselves and see what it's all about. Please feel free to explain more to us while we try and understand everything that's going on! 

'I Don't Mind' is available on all major streaming platforms now. 

I Don't Mind by Idle Frets on VEVO.