[INTERVIEW] With ... Indian Queens

Indian Queens are playing Robert Smith's Meltdown Festival today 

Pretty Little Thing is the title of Indian Queens’ latest single. Following the success of I Get No Rest championed by the likes of John Kennedy (Radio X) and added to Burberrys emerging playlist on Apple Music, the Hackney group once again takes us on another exploratory creative journey led by vocalist and life drawing artist Jennifer O’Neill and her sister bassist and vocalist Catherine O'Neill. 

Do you want to talk about the process of writing and recording Pretty Little Thing, it is a great tune

“It started with the verse from a jam. The chorus I wrote on an acoustic guitar in my bedroom.”

“The lyrics are about a memory. A place that makes me feel safe that I wouldn’t rather be.”

Are you happy about its reception so far? You have been getting some radio support, how much does that mean in terms of exposure nowadays?

“It seems to be going well. It is hard to gauge exposure on radio these days as so many people listen on Spotify and Apple Music etc. It is just nice to know that DJs are enjoying playing our music too.”

Where do you record and rehearse?

“We have our own studio we share with a couple of other musicians in Limehouse. We rehearse, write and record there.”

I am guessing an album might also be on its way? What can we expect from it?

“We have lots of exciting things currently in the pipeline. So yes, an album is on the way but we will keep it secret for now. Expect an album to be played after dark.”

How would you describe your musical and creative journey so far?

“We have been playing on some level together forever.
It also creates a bond that is not quite like anyone else’s. I mean it is literally blood deep. We can almost predict what the other will play before it has happened. That happens all the time with our harmonies. It makes writing together easier when we agree.”

You are playing the Meltdown Festival today, how excited are you?

“We are still in shock! It is a real honour to be asked by someone like Robert Smith and to play his festival. We are supporting an amazing band called Joycut too that I can’t wait to see live again. It just is incredible to be part of a legendary line up.” 

You are signed to Cool Thing Records, what has your experience with them been like so far?

“They are the nicest guys ever who work so hard, I don’t know how they have the hours in a day to do what they do. It is like a family being part of Cool Thing which is a breath of fresh air from a label.”

When did you first come across the label?

“Way back when we were all in different bands, my old band Bleech went on tour with Michael’s (Cool Thing) previous band Baddies supporting The Joy Formidable.
Was a fun two weeks!”

What contemporary bands do you admire?

“We love bands like Warpaint who just do and write how they feel. I think it really comes through in their music and lyrics.”

What are your plans and aspirations? What do you see as some of the biggest challenges when it comes to making it in music today?

“Step by step but at the moment we have a bunch of new songs we are working on and demoing at the moment that we are having so much fun with. We would love to tour them and play them to people.”

“Being in a band is hard work these days as the money does not filter down to the bottom. So for small bands you are juggling full time work too. As a creative mind that can be hard alone. Between art and music I feel I need a minimum amount to feed my soul lol. It feels like therapy and I am sure a lot of people can relate to that.”

Pretty Little Things is out now on Cool Thing Records