KOYO release sci-fi inspired video for 'Jettisoned'

KOYO released their debut self-titled album last year to critical acclaim, and have now embarked on their second UK headline tour.  Described by The Guardian as “Radiohead meets Hawkwind” and MOJO as “the missing link between early 70s Floyd and My Bloody Valentine” - the bands wear their influences on their sleeves and have created their own version of rock music. KOYO have just delivered a new video exploring themes of rejection and paranoia with new Sci-Fi inspired animated for their new single Jettisoned.

The band haven’t stopped for breath since the album’s release, playing at Leeds & Reading Festivals, selling out venues across the country and receiving praise for their work from the likes of Steve Lamacq (BBC 6music), Napalm Death and Killing Joke.

Filmmaker Nathan Erasmus was similarly impressed by their music, which led to him getting in touch with them to propose a collaboration. He tells us “the band have their own unique experimental sound and the album took me on an unpredictable journey, one I haven't been on since listening to Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' for the first time. The conceptual design of the album's artwork by Archie Edwards lends itself well to animation and the visuals in the Jettisoned video are strongly inspired by retro sci-fi posters and book covers, something Archie and myself are both big fans of. Sci-fi often explores metaphors and this is what I've done in exploring the theme of Jettisoning.”

Check the visuals out below