MALMØ shares stunning new track "You"

If you love those smooth and silky vocals that Bjork has, like chilled out tracks with an ambient vibe and gentle instrumentation then MALMØ's latest offering "You" is right up your street. The Danish quintet from Aarhus is fronted by the unique voice and song-writing of Maria Malmoe and has seen them perform at some of the finest festivals Scandinavia has to offer such as Arctic Sounds Festival in Greenland and SPOT Festival in their native Denmark.

Speaking about the track Maria says - "I dream of touching people with my music, reaching their – and my own – inner core. I believe that music can do that, and that there’s a need for art that inspires the good in people. I think we all need that in this world on the edge of self-destruction."

Be sure to listen to it - and fall in love with it - below