[TRACK OF THE WEEK] Blushes - Honey

Last week we posted about a bunch of class bands to watch at this year's Wilkestock Festival and one of them was the fantastic Blushes. So what we've only gone and done is shine the spotlight upon them for a full week. They are of the last new bands to gain a full feature in NME before it became online only, which in turn made them local heroes. The track we're digging at the moment is the highly infectious "Honey", and much like the treat it's named after it's full of everything oh so sweet, the jangly guitars that oozes summer vibes, the soaring guitar that plays with the boy/girl vocals, jeez. This track was one of those love at first sight occasions.

 Blushes, are becoming the definition of party. Funk-fuelled bass lines, choruses meatier than the Greggs' front of house, and a journey across several genres, the Aylesbury quartet are extremely qualified when it comes to entertaining the audiences. Don't forget about the showmanship that floods out of the vocalist's, Bradley and Tiffany's, performance - that's some extravagance you might never be able to prepare for.