AMiR shares passionate "Feel For You"

North London based AMiR achieves an international sound in every sense of the word. Born to a Punjabi father and British mother, he spent his youth sharpening his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and his obsession for music of all genres was well renowned. Incorporating musical inspirations from both his heritage and his upbringing, you can feel his passion with each release and every cadence of his music.

Sharing an emotional connection with his songs, his performances are an extension of his very being. Latest offering Feel For You is flavoured with a distinctively 70s feel that has no trouble in achieving a perfectly timed contemporary summer aesthetic. Atop that are AMiRs honeyed vocals that tell timeless narrative of summer love which undoubtedly makes for the perfect pairing, and a captivating and uplifting 3 minutes. With such a refined vision, it's hard not to be excited for what's to come from such a new artist with so much music in him.