Benjmn shares forward-thinking 'Complicated'

Music provides so much to us all in many different ways. In the case of 22 year old singer-songwriter-producer Benjmn, alongside creating pristine music that pushes musical boundaries, he utilises it as a creative outlet to aid his introverted nature and social anxieties.
Every aspect of the music - melodies, sounds, even the percussive elements - are inspired from me being alone, at night, grappling with my demons. “Complicated” is about me owning by issues and insecurities, and I felt that using my own vocals was the only way I could authentically take ownership."
The result is a moody, melancholic take on Alt-R&B with an introspective narrative that takes you on path through his mind, yet merely scratching the surface in a manner that allows you to live vicariously through the lyrics and moods. Production-wise we get a taste of Benjmn's influence as he pulls from a myriad of genres, smartly weaving together extraneous elements to create a fluid and fresh sound, whetting our appetite for things to come.