Charlee Remitz shares emotive 'To Tell You The Truth'

The challenge of standing out in the Pop industry has always been a mountain to climb to due to a myriad of reasons, you need something engaging; something that stops you getting lost in the crowd. Pop artists often also hop on trends-of-the-now to borrow from their successes, watering down the likes of Trap Music and Future House to enhance their appeal. Something that occasionally gets lost in the rat race is the foundation of the music, and the strength in the songwriting and artistic passion is hampered considerably when an art form turns into a factory outlet.

Worry no more as Pop is still treated with every care it deserves if you know where to look, and you need look no further than Charlee Remitz. She draws strength from her parents contentious divorce and channels every ounce of her passion into her poised take on Electro Pop, with no trend-hopping sounds in sight - just stellar songwriting.

To Tell You The Truth is a relatable tale of the complexities of new love with the instrumental propelling the motives by matching the mood perfectly. The soothing nuances of Charlee's voice wash over you like a cool stream on a hot day - truly a track that sweeps you away to another world.

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