Kaerhart shares energy-filled "Losing My Mind"

In an industry dominated by masculinity it's always refreshing to see a new female artist prosper out of the gate, especially when they execute their vision of empowerment with aplomb. Soon to be a household name, L.A. based singer-songwriter Kaerhart is next up in your summer playlist, building on the success of her debut song Drain My Love which garnered over a million streams - no mean feat for a debut.

Continuing with her focus of social consciousness she shares Losing My Mind, with the lyrics addressing the internal frustrations we all share, with a view to come to terms with those sensations rather than fight them. With that being said, the track is juxtaposed with an upbeat, summer pop backing that brings an infectious energy that'll easily have you moving whilst compounding the message of the lyrics.

With just three pristine tracks under her belt, Kaerhart's bright future is certainly one to keep an eye on.