M w S reveal Sun-Drenched, Summer-Ready Single, "Island"

Italy is known for many great things which until now, has never included soul music.. M w S are a songwriting duo from a small town in Italy with a fresh sound perfect for long summer evenings in the capital.

We're seeing a revival with soul and R'n'B music here in the UK but sometimes it's not always homegrown..

Unfortunately, there’s little hunger for Soul & R’n’B in Italy currently. Although the pair recount working with other talented musicians and producers, as well as support from premium Italian station Radio Capital, the scene is unquestionably stronger on the British Isles so a move was always on the cards. However, the whole plan was nearly derailed early on as the pair booked tickets into the UK on the very day we decided to leave the European Union.

Of the whole experience, the pair state:
"The Brexit decision made us feel a bit uneasy about heading to the UK only at the beginning..  We have a lot of faith in London, which we know is a very open city that somehow needs people from all over the world. We knew that this was the place for our music so we had to make it happen regardless"

Their first release since landing in Blighty was the soulful, sun-drenched EP ‘Swim’. The product of working between the UK and Italy, with a carefully curated roster of different artists and producers, the project put the duo on the map as one of the most exciting new acts in the recent contemporary soul revival.

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