The Bay Rays release new track "Can't Let Go"

Kent based The Bay Rays have relased their stunning new track, "Can't Let Go", which sounds liek it's right out of the book of Jack White. it's got some epic vocal hooks, dominating guitar lines and a slight tint of Americana behind it all.

Speaking about the track, frontman Harry says - " ... "Can't Let Go" is about the need and desire to hold on to the important things around you knowing that they're passing you by and falling through your hand. ou have to come to terms with the fact all good things seemingly come to an end and not let that fact make you lose grip of reality."

With a lot of backing from DIY, Radio X, various BBC radio DJs and indeed their Spotify fans (who have listened to them over a million times), the band are really just getting started. With the new track giving me a massive buzz I can't quite get my head round how they're not bigger than they already are.