Call Me Karizma shares the pensive yet upbeat 'Life of the Party'

Minneapolis based Call Me Karizma subtitles his social media with "i lead a cult full of delinquents", and he's not far off. He has legions of die-hard fans chomping at the bit to get hold of the follow up to the hugely successful The Gloomy Tapes Vol. 1 and to whet their appetite he shares the emphatic Life of the Party.

His connection with his fans comes from exploring the taboo of mental health and other inner demons in a deeply personal and relatable manner. Executing the message in a refined alt-hip pop atmosphere that conjures palpable imagery, Karizma garners a sound and motivation reminiscent of genre heavyweights Twenty One Pilots. Life of the Party tackles the complexities of anxiety with the playful metaphor "If I’m the life of the party, why do I stay home?" - a concept that's no doubt familiar to us all by some degree.

With solid back catalogue already in the bag, The Gloomy Tapes Vol. 2 is no doubt going to be a milestone release for this young talent.