RAIGN shares emphatic single 'Out of Time'

L.A. based songstress RAIGN flips contemporary pop on its head with her emphatic delivery and distinctive genre crossover that is as of yet is unheard of in the rapidly evolving pop scene. Taking iconic flavours of rock through the ages, and masterfully fusing them with timeless electronic elements, RAIGN lays down a unique foundation for her glorious vocal tones that are akin to a battle cry that paints an otherworldly, cinematic narrative.

Latest offering Out of Time is a statement of her intent as a standout emerging artist, heating up the pop industry with a performance incomparable to her peers. On the motivation behind the track, RAIGN states that “It's about having a feeling inside that you can do something magical, but you have to move fast or the magic moment will go and if you don't do it now, you'll always regret it. Personal alchemy.