kordz & Lontalius share gorgeous new track 'Accept & Connect'

Spending his youth immersed in music in between Georgia and Switzerland, the multidimensional producer, performer and composer Alexandre Kordzaia or simply kordz is a rare talent that has a firm grasp on his creative vision.

“This track started out as a simple melody that I discovered during improvising on the piano. I found it fascinating because the harmony seemed to come directly out of the melody; they weren’t two separate things. The sounds of breaking tree branches and crackling leaves are ripping through a chorale that’s echoing from a church, far away. The chorale sounds like its coming from far away, while the sounds of the nature seem to happen almost inside of your ears. It created a very strange atmosphere” - kordz

Linking with breakthrough U.S. pop talent Lontalius they have masterfully crafted Accept & Connect, a truly chilling track that washes you away into a superlative immersive soundscape that perfectly achieves the concept of "doing a lot with a little". Disharmonious chords gel with a homespun rustling percussion that project you into the wold painted by Lontalius distinctly melancholic vocal tones.

“People tell me they hear longing in my music. i’d agree with that”, says Lontalius. “I had a new framework to explore, i couldn’t be more thankful for that. I’ve been trying to challenge myself to be more vulnerable, but to also find a confidence that i didn’t have before. all in the name of making something that connects.”

Releasing through Majestic Casual records as well, it's hard not to expect anything but a masterpiece of modern music - tune in now.

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